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May your dream come true!
Jeniffer Young   
Seeded in 2006, Founder Jeniffer Young, an accomplished global citizen of Chinese and Thai decent, living in New York and Co-founder who is an Distinguished Artist Gheorghe Astileanu in Romania met on Internet. Both met in San Diego with Gheorghe's family when they become good friends sharing common values and project goals being humanitarian designers and artists. After knowing BBx8 from Sweden and their songwriter Paul Weston from UK for their We Are The Future global music & education project, Jeniffer Young took BBx8 to China in Nov 2007 under One Beautiful Dream World Program for a cultural exchange concert and visit to Shanghai with Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Shanghai Charity Foundation in preparation for 2008 Olympics' 'One World, One Dream' and future goodwill work. UN MDGs, UNESCO China Sustainable Development Education Programs, and UN culture initiatives have been a mission in the group.

The 512 Earthquake in China before the Beijing Olympics changed the course and rescue program went into rebuilding the only kindergarten of the county of Yili in Xinjiang, which saved the children twice from the aftershock. From 75 children that parents were reluctant to children for schooling due to the poor building condition, today over 200 children attended the new premises where air conditioning is a new luxury to the children given the severe cold weather. Women in this area also receive subsidies from the UN for learning embroideries to create new work force for better income. Beautiful Life Development Plan Program was established in 2007 and in full force by 2008. Long distance sustainable development education and health plans continue to be a challenging demand worldwide. In Shanghai when Jeniffer made her speech for the Miss Universe 2009 pageant, the registration of Beautiful Life Development Plan Foundation (BLDPF) on Mar 19, 2009 in Delaware marked the birth of a new global NPO.

In Aug 2008, Jeniffer was being invited to represent an Irish New Zealand filmmaker Liz Greenwell, who holds a papal medal from the late Holy Father, Pope John Paul for her outstanding goodwill work through her film NO CHANCE TO PAINT THE CANVAS, at the 40th Anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy Center of Human Rights and Justice in Denver during the election of Barrack Obama, the first African American President in America. Liz's supportive son Adam Greenwell, a papal medal holder and civil society expert who is also a music producer and writer, supported Jeniffer and registered BLDPF under UN DESA with the UN. For Jun 1 International Children's Day during the largest World Expo ever in history, Dr Mae Jemison was being invited as key note speaker for Voice of The Youth Bi-lingual Speech Contest hosted by BLDPF, UNESCO China Sustainable Development Education Program of Beijing Sustainability and China Soong Ching Ling Foundation at the World Expo Theme Pavilion. Other significant occasions hosted and sponsored by BLDPF during the World Expo 2010 further included 8/12 International Youth Day Celebration, and, 9/21 World Peace Day where Jim Rogers was invited as key note speaker at the Global Economic Conference. Renowned Diplomatic Painter Zhang Wenxiang joined to support development of the cultural sector with many other artists to mark the Art for Peace Celebration on this special World Peace Day in Shanghai during the World Expo. Jim's inspirational messages encouraged public to pursue their passion. He also hope that more people will go into agriculture and become farmers. Together with Mr. Zhang, more art exhibitions and programs were done in particular to support Green Environmental Protection programs, and High Level International Cultural Exchanges. Green Conferences, Green Arts and Intangible Cultural and Calligraphy Exhibition programs co-hosted in 2011, which subsequently lead to their joint support to the formation of a new World Green Environmental Protection Council led by a Green Business Group in Mongolia.

In September 2011, BLDPF has formally signed long-term operational partnership with UNESCO China Sustainable Development Education Program to further missions of the MDGs. Research & Development for global solutions addressing economic and social causes continue to be one of the key purposes of the organization working with the best world talents. In December 2011, Beautiful Life Development Plan Foundation (BLDPF) has changed its name to UN Education Science Cultural Health Advancement Foundation (UNESCHAF) for its transformational mission to better promote and cultivate UN values and cultures. (DBA – Beautiful Life Development Plan) The missions have been funded personally by Jeniffer Young, and supported by loving family and friends. In 2012, significant MDG UN Culture Sustainability programs and global educational projects to support global humanity and economies path its way to become a 501© non-profit organization associated with UN-DPI and under UN (ECOSOC). South-south Co-operations, digital initiatives with multi-media educational programs coupled with the beautiful cross cultural programs promoting world peace for prosperity will remain to be the focus reaching out for MDG. Partnering with Voices of African Mothers, a UN Special Consultative Status NGO, a new multimedia outreach educational program named 'VOICES for Sustainability and MDG' to be kicked off with the First Ladies mark the beginning of many more programs of global impact of BEAUTIFUL LIFE DEVELOPMENT PLAN.

Aspiring to become a global reputable social enterprise working towards ONE world that sustainability meets the needs of all people with the full flowering of its beautiful life of cultural richness and diversity.

1. Promoting through different forms and means of education, science cultural and health works for all ages, races and religions.

2. To develop programs, support researches, commercialize findings if appropriate, build premises to maximize global sustainability facilitating Innovation and Technology advancement, Environment Protection, World Culture Exchanges, World Health, Women & Youth Development, South-South Co-operations, World Trade, and supporting the less privileged for global harmonious living and prosperity.

3. Rescue Resource Management

4. International Financial & Resources Planning Program Development

5. To maximize outreach through technology, multimedia, telecommunication and to build premises for holding, safekeeping and developing important works.

UNESCHAF (formally Beautiful Life Development Plan Foundation and now DBA Beautiful Life Development Plan) was registered in Delaware in 2009 as a global NPO and filed under UN Department of Economics and Social Affairs (DESA) as an NGO. It has in 2011 signed as a signed long-term operational partnership with UNESCO Project of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) In China, to further its missions for the MDGs.

Honorary Founder: Yeung Man Bor (1928-2011) The Foundation is founded in memory of the respectable living spirit of Mr. Yeung Man Bor, father of founder Jennie Yeung. Mr. Yeung was a successful business leader actively leading the business community, and a philanthropist with outstanding calligraphy, charity and cultural exchange and advancement work. He is known for his warm heart, values and respectable ethics. Mr. Yeung was honored as Honorary Chairman of Sun Zhong Shan Foundation when he deceased after serving over 30 years in the CPPCC Committee and as advisor to the Guangdong Province Committee, with leadership to over 40 organizations in Hong Kong and China. Mr. Yeung passed away in 2011 on Aug 12, St. Clare's Feast Day.
Founder & President: Jennie Yeung aka Jeniffer Young, Founder and President of UNESCHAF, Partner and advisor to UNESCO Project of Education of Sustainable Development (ESD) in China with Beijing Sustainability Association. Former Citigroup International Senior Banker. Distinguished Leader in social and economic development, and creative industries.
Co-founders: Gheorghe Astileanu, UNESCHAF Goodwill Ambassador, Distinguished Renowned Artist of Romania, Founder and President of Gheorghe Astileanu Foundation of Culture, Active advocate of Human Rights and Environment Protection supporting and leading social welfare development.
Partners & Advisors :

Dr. Shi Gengdong, Chairperson of UNESCO China Sustainable Development Education Program, President of Beijing Sustainability Association

Dr Mae Jemison, President of Dorothy Jemison Foundation of Excellence, Chair Person of 100Year Starship

E. Nana Randall, Founder and President of Voices of African Mothers - a UN Special Consultative Status and European Union (EuroAID) accredited NGO, former CFO with the Peace Keeping Forces of UN.

Dr. Zhao Hui, Digitial program advisor, Technology Director and Chief Tech Rep in Japan of China Mobile Communications Association

Dr Fan Guanlin, Chairman of Federation of World Culture, UNESCHAF Board Member, renowned top Chinese scholar, Poet, painter, scholar and business advisor of multiple disciplines. Creator of the chinese words of 'computer'. An advisor to Two Straits affair and International Relations.

Chief Representatives:

He Weilian, Chairman of UNESCHAF Greater China, & HK, Chairman Sun Yat Sen Foundation, n, Chairman of Federation of World Chinese Overseas Chinese, Member of China CPPCC

Xu Liugen, Managing Director of UNESCHAF China, First advisor to UN in China, Vice Chairman of China Social Work Association. Former translator of President Deng Xiaopeng and visiting professor of Princeton University.

Yang Zibing, Director of Program Operations UNESCHAF China, Director of UNESCO Project of Education in Sustainable Development (ESD) in China, Director of Operations of Beijing Sustainability Association, and Director of China Preschool Education Program.

Victory Chou, Chairman of UNESCHAF Taiwan, President of Two Straits Leaders Association.

Zhou Famung Deputy Secretary General of UNESCHAF China, President of China Vocalists Association, Renowned vocal artist and show producer.

Wu Yuelei, Chief Representative, Shanghai BLDPF Development

Chen Nordun, Environment Protection Organizing Committee, Shanghai Representative

Spring Liu, Shanghai Liaison, Beautiful Life Development Plan Program, Senior Editor of Harvard Business Review China

Zhao Kanglin, Xinjiang Project Director, BLDP Kindergarten, writer

Guo Yongshing, Deputy Secretary General & Event Director, UNESCHAF Huadong District

Flora Foo, Director: International Finance, Banking & Logistics, UNESCHAF

Lorraine Yeung, Director, General Secretary & Administration, UNESCHAF

Ritwik Ghosh, International Liaison Office, Financial Planning

Jacky Cai, Webmaster


UNESCHAF Goodwill Ambassadors:

                       Zhao Yibing, UNEP Environment Goodwill Ambassador


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